responsible distribution


People, Planet, and Progress

Sustainability is an increasingly important philosophy in today’s business and consumer world. Now more than ever, our industry is being faced with higher expectations from interested parties on how chemical distributors and those responsible for the warehousing, transportation, storage, and related servicing of chemical products are meeting those sustainability challenges. 

A brief look at some of NACD's members' and Chemical Handler Affiliates' sustainable practices*:

  • 77% upgrade to energy efficient bulbs and other devices/equipment
  • 60% install programmable thermostats which regulate temperature when people are present
  • 53% replace outdated equipment and appliances with higher efficiency units
  • 24% apply energy-saving window tint film
  • 22% purchase energy efficient forklifts, electric forklifts, or retrofitting for lower emissions
  • 6% install solar panels on roofs or partner with local solar farms
  • 11% install white roof or cool roof systems on building to reflect the sun
  • 43% use water efficient technologies and fixtures, such as low flow toilets and sensor faucets.
  • 22% reduce sprinkler flows or employ other landscape watering controls.
  • 9% use smart water meters or other devices that are used to track and monitor water usage.
  • 18% have established office community engagement committees (or similar)

*Data from NACD's December 2019 survey on sustainability

Here's what our members and Affiliates are saying about sustainability in their workplace:

"Our corporate policy includes a waste reduction initiative for expired, damaged, and out-of specification material... we make every effort to find an outlet for material, even if donated, as a preference over disposal."

"Many of our product are sold for formulas that meet the Environmental Protection Agency Safer Choice or other environmentally friendly 'seals of approval'."

"Disposal considerations are always taken into account in evaluating new business." 

Sustainability Resources**:

**More resources will become available over time